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Keep one eye open for the scammers

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 by

It can be a dangerous world out there (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) but today’s increasingly digital lifestyle can bring some unexpected risks. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about who may be emailing, calling, and visiting your door – you just need to be aware.

We’ve looked into the most recent online and internet service scams out there to help you keep one eye open and stay a step ahead of the cheats. Have a pen handy because they are sneakier than you think!

NBN™ Impostors

As the NBN™ rolls out, you’ll receive plenty of legitimate notices from nbn co ltd. and telco providers letting you know when it reaches your door.

However, there are some crafty scammers out there claiming to be from nbn co ltd. and using it as an excuse to gain access to homes, apartments and small businesses around Australia. SCAMwatch has warned Aussies about NBN™ related scams seeking to get your personal details or encouraging you to buy equipment you don’t actually need to get the NBN™.

You should be suspicious if a caller or door-knocker asks for your bank or credit card details. It’s unlikely that nbn co ltd. would ask consumers for payment or personal details and your telco provider would have taken these details securely when you signed up for your plan. You should only give out your personal details if you know who you are talking to and understand the reason for providing them.

Numerous calls, appointments to sign contracts and asking for access to your home without someone present are some key signs that something is not right! As an added measure, keep on top of the rollout because if you’re being told you need an installation when your address isn’t even ready to receive an NBN™ service yet, that will be your first red flag.

If you’re unsure about what you need to do to switch to services over the NBN™ or come across anything odd, contact your telco using the number on their official website or in the telephone directory.

Booking a getaway

You may be familiar with popular accommodation booking sites such as Airbnb but watch out for shady listings!

Last month, SCAMwatch had over 150 scams reported via these platforms for falsely advertised properties and stolen deposits. With over $80,000 reported lost, complaints have risen to three times those in 2015.

So how do you know if you are being scammed? Scammers on these sites will direct you away from the site and have you pay via money orders or wire transfer. To be safe, make sure you are paying via a secure payment system as most legit sites will use these. Scammers may even send confirmation emails that appear to be the real deal so have a close look, double check addresses using Google Maps and always read the reviews left on the listing.

Dating online

Dating sites and social media romances are now so common that it’s easy for scammers to ‘romance’ their connections into ‘sharing’ their money. The MTV show Catfish may even ring a bell?

After creating trust using a fake profiles, the scammer will move the convo off the dating site and onto a less traceable platform to continue the conversation. Patience is the key with these scammers as they will spend months gaining trust and later requesting financial help for an emergency or even flights to go see their ‘lover’.

Trust your gut – ask lots of questions and keep your financial details confidential when dating online.

Speeding fines

Last year, Police caught on to suspicious traffic infringements being sent out via email. The emails appear authentic and even include the official WA Police logo. These ‘infringement emails’ include an infringement number, date of issue, fine and due date – there is even a link to a video as evidence. Keep your eye out because this scam has recently popped up in WA and it may only be a matter of time before it comes to other states and territories.

You should keep in mind that the Police currently only issue speeding fines by handing them to you on the spot or posting a traffic infringement via snail mail, so it’s safe to say all email infringements aren’t from them.


Scams linked to Centrelink are nothing new, in fact the reports are increasing.  The ACCC advises to keep aware of phone calls from people posing as employees from the Department of Human Services at Centrelink.

Last year SCAMwatch received over 2,000 reports of these scams with over $27,000 reported lost. Scammers will ask for money via wire transfers and will scare you into paying by saying that your benefits will be cut off if you don’t pay up.

The Department of Human Services will NEVER ask you to deposit money in order to receive payments. If in doubt, hang up on any out of the blue calls and call back using the correct contact details online or those in the old fashioned phone book.

Now that you know what’s going on out there, you should sleep soundly tonight. To stay one step ahead of scammers, follow @SCAMwatch_gov on Twitter. If you come across something that doesn’t seem quite right, report it! You can report anything that seems a little fishy on the SCAMwatch report a scam page or by calling 1300 795 995.

Bring online streaming to your TV

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 by

There’s no doubt that there’s been an absolute explosion of online streaming in Australia. Ever since the release of Netflix in Australia seriously changed the entertainment game in 2015, we’ve seen a number of subscription streaming services grow in popularity including Netflix, Stan, Hayu and Presto which is soon to be replaced by Foxtel Play.

You may already be watching shows through apps on your tablet or smartphone or visiting a Free-to-Air channel’s website on your computer for a cheeky bit of catch-up TV in your down time. However, the heart of home entertainment will always be the living room, so how do you get the TV shows and movies streaming over your internet connection to play on your TV screen? It can be a costly upgrade to get one of the new-fangled TVs with internet connectivity, so we’ve reviewed some of the top devices on the market to help get you streamin’ with ease. You don’t have to be tech savvy to get in on this entertainment trend!

Generation 3 Fetch TV Mini Set Top Box

You may have already heard some noise about the Fetch Mini Set Top Box as it’s received some rave reviews. The Mini set top box comes with everything you need to get streaming on your TV with an easy to use interface that lets you to effortlessly switch between Free-To-Air, streaming apps and catch-up TV without having to change your input source or find another remote.

The newest generation of Fetch TV packs some amazing features with even more to come, such as Multiroom viewing which will allow you to connect additional set top boxes to different TVs in your home, sharing access to the same subscription. There’ll be no more fighting over the remote when you can watch different content on different screens at the same time! Plus you no longer have to miss those vital moments of TV when nature calls thanks to the 15-minute pause on live TV.

The Fetch TV Mini is available for $99 when you sign up to Fetch TV with Internode on a standard subscription for only $5 per month on a no lock-in contract. You can learn more about the great features on our website.

Google Chromecast

When it comes to the bare basics of bringing your entertainment apps to your TV screen, the Google Chromecast is a popular device that you can probably pick up from your local electronics store for around $59. Or if you’re fortunate enough to have one of those fancy new 4K definition TVs, you have the option to make the reasonably priced upgrade to the Chromecast Ultra for $99.

The Chromecast plugs into the back of your TV, allowing you to set up a connection to your home WiFi network. After that, the Chromecast acts as another kind of antenna to receive content transferred, or ‘cast’, from your smartphone or tablet apps to your TV screen. Thanks to Google being a celebrity in the tech world, the majority of entertainment apps have been developed to support Chromecast – not just TV and movie streaming apps, but also music apps such as Spotify and some games, too. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be controlling everything from your smartphone rather than a conventional remote control. This can be a plus or a minus for some people depending on your tech skills and personal preferences.

Apple TV

Although it might seem tiny, the Apple TV comes with a remote control and is more like a conventional set top box that plugs into your TV (HDMI cable sold separately). While you don’t have to be an iPhone, iPad, iPod or iMac user to purchase or use Apple TV, you will need to set up an iTunes account to allow you to download all the apps, movies and TV shows your heart desires through the iTunes store.

There isn’t a pay TV subscription service associated directly with Apple TV – instead, you choose which third party streaming apps (such as Netflix) that you’d like to subscribe to and stream them through the set top box. You can also buy or rent movies and TV shows from the iTunes store to build up your digital library. Prices start at around $239 for an Apple TV with 32GB of storage and go up to $299 for 64GB.

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The New Fetch TV – Entertainment that fits in the palm of your hand

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 by

The new Fetch TV Mini set top box has arrived! There’s a lot of movie buffs in the Internode team (we love a good TV show to sink our teeth into!) so we’re thrilled that our latest Fetch TV product includes access to thousands of movie titles in one adorable package – the new Fetch TV Mini!

This little guy has a range of handy features to make your home entertainment experience a thing to remember; but first, let’s cover the basics of the new product with a little bit of Fetch 101.

Fetch TV Mini Set Top Box

Here’s what you’ll need for the new Fetch TV with Internode:

  • An Internode broadband service with a speed of at least 3.5Mbps (excluding NBN™ Satellite).
  • A Fetch TV Mini set top box – available from us for $99.
  • A standard subscription available for just $5 per month with no lock-in contract.

A standard subscription has a range of enhanced viewing features plus it also comes with Movie Box, giving you access to a selection of 30 movies each month at no additional cost! If you’re interested in beefing up your pay TV service, there’s also a range of channel packs to choose from plus thousands of movies and TV shows to rent or buy from the Fetch Store. The Entertainment Plus pack is a popular option giving you access to over 35 great channels including the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, BBC, CNN, ESPN, MTV, National Geographic and more – all for just $20 a month. Sports fans will be pleased to know that the beIN Sports pack is also available.

Little box. BIG entertainment.

The Fetch TV Mini comes with everything you need to plug it into your TV and connect to your home broadband service using its built-in WiFi. With one remote and one device, it puts all your TV in one place and setup is a piece of cake. The Fetch TV Mini also has catch-up TV and all the popular streaming apps built-in so you can enjoy your Netflix and Stan subscriptions on your TV in your living room. The remote control is a big improvement on the previous model and the on-screen setup tutorial is a breeze – but wait, that’s not all!

Have you ever been stuck into a good TV show when suddenly the phone rings or you’ve got a hankering for a good cup of tea? You don’t have to worry about missing out any more with the Fetch TV Mini’s 15-minute pause on live TV! That’s right – whether it’s your Fetch TV channels or Free-to-Air channels, the Fetch TV Mini will save your place like a TV bookmark for up to 15 minutes so you can resume viewing without missing a second!

You won’t need to fight for the remote thanks to Multiroom

One of the biggest improvements with the new Fetch TV Mini is the upcoming Multiroom feature. This feature will allow up to 3 Fetch TV Minis to share access to the same Fetch TV service, including access to all your channel packs and any movies or TV shows you’ve bought or rented from the Fetch Store. That means you won’t need to double/triple up on your channel pack subscriptions, just purchase an additional Mini set top box and a standard service at $5 per month and you can have the kids watching Disney in the spare room while you enjoy a grown- up movie in the living room.

You can learn more about the new features on our website.

There’s no time like the present to get your hands on a little box with BIG entertainment! If you have a broadband service with us and you’re interested in this award-winning product, just give us a call on 13 66 33 and we’ll be happy to help.

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