Internode Blog and 3FL to Join Forces, Fight Evil

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 by

Gamers in Australia have long had to divide their time between two quality institutions: Internode’s service, and iiNet’s 3FL service, resulting in confusion over exactly who is the best gaming site in Australia to visit. The recent acquisition of Internode by iiNet offers a unique opportunity for us to solve that problem once and for all, as we are proud to announce that and 3FL have agreed to put down their weapons and join forces for the betterment of gamers everywhere.

The new combined entity, which will continue to operate under the brand, is positively bristling with features and resources. Backed by two massive ISP’s, a dedicated team of full-time staff and a pool of some of Australia’s best writers and journalists, the new is a force to be reckoned with on the Australian gaming scene and will continue to deliver the latest news, reviews and interviews direct to our customers.

With over 8TB of files, trailers, mods and patches, a 10,000 player capacity over a dozen unique titles and 300,000 players visiting our servers each month, we’re not ashamed to boast that we’ve got the goods. As well as combined resources and staff, the communities for the two sites will also be merged to create a single forum with over 100,000 hardcore gamers. All existing games servers will remain in place, and the quota-free arrangements for both iiNet and Internode customers will continue unchanged.

To celebrate this massive milestone in Australian gaming, a new website will be rolled out in July, marking the tenth anniversary of the service that began as the Internode Games Network. We hope you’ll join us there for the launch of what will now, officially, be the best gaming site in Australia. Stay tuned!

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