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DNSSEC and what it means to you

Monday, May 3rd, 2010 by

If you follow the technology press, you might have seen some recent articles about something called DNSSEC, and its impending introduction.

The articles have mostly been about technical problems which DNSSEC might uncover, but have generally been light on the subject of what, exactly, DNSSEC actually is. (more…)

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Internode in The Australian

Monday, February 22nd, 2010 by

Internode MD Simon Hackett is featured in the current issue of The Deal Magazine, published in The Australian.

The article explores the different paths Internode and iiNet, and their respective founders Simon Hackett and iiNet MD Michael Malone, have taken to build successful ISP businesses and their role in developing the Australian broadband industry.

Simon Hackett and Internode featured in The Deal Magazine

It’s an interesting read for anyone who’s interested in the history of Internode and some of the current challenges in the industry. Read more in The Deal Magazine.

Customer Security – The Network Firewall

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 by

Hi, I’m Derek, Internode’s Security Manager.

My role is to be the classic black hatter… you know, the “what if” bloke.  So I get to hunt down and fix any risks or weaknesses that are inherent in any large professional IT shop.  A really important part of my job is that I also get to think about the security risks facing Internode’s customers as well as the company,  and I am a vocal advocate of safe computing…  I get to fix my parent’s PC too.  <sigh> :)

So, onto Internode’s new and improved Network Firewall.  Last week was a pretty good week for me, the improved Network Firewall was announced to our customers, at the same time we also released a new Customer Security support page where we will be putting up information about key security issues and concerns in the near future.


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