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Made it to Tennant Creek

Sunday, October 25th, 2009 by

Less words and more pictures today – because its late, and we’ve only made it in to Tennant Creek a few hours ago – and we’re still charging up the car ready for tomorrow (it takes a bit over 3 hours to recharge a nearly empty Roadster with our available power source).

It was the long day we expected it to be – we left Katherine at 6.25am and arrived in Tennant Creek 13 hours later, at about 7.35pm.

We travelled 660.9 km over 8h28m of driving time, an average speed of 78 km/h. Average energy consumption was 150 Wh/Km, for a total of 98.97 kWh of energy required for the trip.

Lets round it up to 100 kWh. To drive the equivalent of Adelaide to Melbourne!

Assuming a power cost of 17c per kWh (a fairly typical rate at present),  driving that distance would cost about $17.

Try that with a conventional car – bet the fuel costs a bit more than that!

We’re hugely happy – we’ve just driven a production electric car over a distance that far exceeds what people associate with it being reasonable to drive an electric car in a day.

Sure, it was a long day – and it was hot (41C today out in the desert). But here we are :)

I’ll try to write in some more detail tomorrow, because we should have some more evening left – its ‘only’ a 512km day coming up, from Tennant Creek to Alice Springs.

We plan to do it with an initial 310 km drive out of here at 6.30am, arriving around 10.30am at Ti Tree (home of the ‘most central pub in Australia’ – hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it). About two hours on charge should be enough to get us to Alice before 5pm, in time to turn up at a social event in honour of the Global Green Challenge thats being held at our hotel (the Crowne Plaza).

The hotel apparently has a huge solar array on its roof – which I look forward to seeing too.

And the day after that, if things look suitable for it, I’m going to have a crack at a distance record for a production EV, on the road from Alice Springs to Coober Pedy. Stay tuned – we’ll see how that goes as we get closer to it.

Meantime, here’s a little gallery of some of the things we saw today on the road:

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