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Port Augusta to Adelaide

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 by
Gliding Sky

Gliding Sky

A brilliant day for the last long distance run of this event.

Mild tailwind, a smooth road, and a sky full of cumulus clouds that a glider pilot loves to see (well, almost as much as he likes to see it from the air :) ).

Previous, far longer, stages made this 300 km journey seem very short indeed.

Pit Stop

Pit Stop

The good weather and great road meant that we had energy to spare, and we drove this stage mostly at 90 km/h, relatively fast for an ‘economy’ event. We even had time for a quick pitstop along the way.

It took some adjustment to finding ourselves back in a large city like Adelaide, after a week in the bush. Even the presence of traffic lights seemed like a bit of a culture shock.

We ended the stage today at the Torrens Parade Ground in the city, which is the holding point for both competitors vehicles and support vehicles for the event until it is fully completed on the weekend.

Torrens Parade Ground

Torrens Parade Ground

Tomorrow (Friday) sees us complete one last event stage, the ‘Adelaide Urban Cycle’, testing the fleet in city conditions.

Its ‘only’ about 100 km, so I expect to have a great time driving around the streets of my home town – for the first time ever in this car (and alas, given that its event road permit expires on Saturday at midnight, also for the last time in a while… sniff :( ).

I’ve got lots of other things to write about regarding the event, which I hope to do next week once we’ve all packed up from this very intense week.

Meantime, for anyone in Adelaide who’d like to see the Eco Class cars:

We will complete the Friday stage and then drive in a convoy with police escort up King William St to a display area in Victoria Square, arriving at a ceremonial finish point there at about 2pm.

The cars will also be on display at Victoria Square on Saturday (31st October 2009) from 9am until 4pm, and that display will mark the official end of the event.

I’m already keen to do this again next time. Its a stunning life experience.

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