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NakedUltra to Easy Naked Transfer Process

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 by

We’ve just made available a process for many existing Internode NakedUltra customers to transfer to Internode Easy Naked (yes, on an Agile DSLAM port). This is a ‘TULL’ – Transfer of Unbundled Local Loop from one DSLAM (Optus Wholesale) to another DSLAM (Internode Agile).

Eligible NakedUltra customers are those that have an Internode/Agile (NakedExtreme) DSLAM (with free ports) in their local telephone exchange.

Some key points:

  • It doesn’t cost you anything – you simply need to commit to a new 24 month contract with Internode.
  • You don’t have to be at home for the cut-over; the physical work is done in the exchange.
  • Ultra and UltraLine customers are also welcome to transfer, but you will permanently lose your current phone number.
  • No-one is obliged to transfer : if you’re happy with what you have, simply don’t apply.

Home NakedUltra customers will land on the Easy Naked plan ($69.95 for 50 GB up + down quota). After you’ve been cutover, you can plan change from this to any other NakedExtreme plan, if you like.

SOHO / Business NakedUltra customers will land on the nearest equivalent SOHO / Business NakedExtreme plan.

Please read on to transfer or find out more.

Note: we are continuing to develop other options for NakedUltra customers that don’t have an Agile DSLAM handy, and also Ultra/UltraLine customers that want to keep their phone number – stay tuned! Meantime, all existing services remain fully supported.