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Friday, February 19th, 2010 by

So, of course, this is Internode’s Blog – from time to time we’ll make interesting posts here on such topics as: what we’re doing inside the company, tips for optimising the performance of your Internode services, product information, and general info about the Internet and broadband industry.

What you might not know though, is that there are also a number of other places online where you can keep up with what’s happening at Internode.

RSS Feeds

We have a number of RSS feeds available on our website that you can subscribe to.

Here’s some shortcuts directly to the RSS feeds:

Visit our RSS Feeds page for more information.

Twitter and Facebook

Like any other company that is up with the latest in online social media, we’re on Twitter and Facebook, here’s the links:

Whirlpool Broadband Forums

Whilst the Internode forum on Whirlpool isn’t an official channel for liaising with Internode staff, we often frequent the Internode forum and answer questions, suggestions or just participate in general discussions from time to time. You can also chat and engage with other Internode customers too.

Visit the Internode forum on Whirlpool

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