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Internode plan changes: 10th August 2010

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 by

Internode regularly revises its market offerings.

Internode has released a set of changes to our broadband ADSL plans that are effective from 10th August 2010.

This post provides a short summary of what changed (and what didn’t change) in this particular plan revision.

If you’re not already familiar with Internode plan naming schemes, please start by reading this blog post.

For existing customers

Please note that existing customers that take no action will remain on the plans they are on now, unless they elect to use our online plan changer to select a new plan. If a new plan is selected, it will become effective at the start of your next billing cycle, as usual.

Changing plans does not restart your contract term (if any), and it has no additional plan change costs beyond normal billing adjustments to reflect the new monthly charges for your newly chosen plan.

For plans that have reduced in price while retaining the same plan name (e.g. Extreme-100 & -240, NakedExtreme-100 & -240, Standard-50, and Fast-25), customers on the plans concerned will see the new, reduced pricing flow through to their bills automatically. In applicable cases, these new charges will apply from either your next bill or from the following bill (depending on the anniversary date of your service(s) concerned).

Further information for existing customers is available on the Internode web site.

New Plans

Our new plan tables are applicable for all new signups, and for existing customers who decide to change to a new plan.

This is the summary of what has changed in this round of plan revisions:

New Agile port based Extreme ADSL2+ and NakedExtreme ADSL2+ plan table

For our flagship Extreme and NakedExtreme plans, we have simplified (pruned the size of) these plan tables.

In the process we have also substantially boosted value at the highest download level of these plan tables (240GB per month)

New Optus port based NakedUltra plan table

This new table has been simplified and improved in value generally, compared to the previous NakedUltra table.

Each quota level offered on this table is at the same price as the equivalent NakedExtreme plan.

New Optus port based UltraBundle (ADSL2+ and voice) plans

This new table has been simplified and improved in value generally, compared to the (now superseded) UltraLine plans.

UltraBundle combines ADSL2+ and a dial-tone voice service into one integrated plan. These plans are only available in bundled form.

Each quota level offered on this table is priced the same as the total cost of the equivalent Extreme plan when bundled with NodeLine.

New STANDARD 1500/256 and FAST ADSL2+ plan tables using Telstra Wholesale ports

The new STANDARD and FAST plan tables are greatly simplified. They offer three monthly quota points (25, 50 or 100 GB per month) across both the new STANDARD (1500/256) and FAST (ADSL2+) plan tables.

Compared to previous STANDARD and FAST plans, some plan price points have been revised downward, some are unchanged, and some have been revised upward.

Other Internode ADSL plans that offer better value should be selected in preference to STANDARD or FAST plans, where available. ADSL plan availability can be determined using the Internode Online Coverage Checker.

These price tables fairly reflect our current underlying wholesale access pricing for these ports. As always, should our underlying wholesale access pricing change, the retail pricing of these plan tables will be revised accordingly.

Internode Easy Broadband coverage revised

Pricing, quota and features remain unchanged for this plan.

However, for new signups, this plan is currently available only where an Internode/Agile ADSL2+ port is available.

No new Internode Easy Broadband services are being offered using Telstra Wholesale ports at this time.

Unchanged plans

  • HOME-512-Starter remains unchanged
  • Internode Easy Naked remains unchanged

Other Notes About These Changes

  • The summary tables presented below are for HOME ADSL plans
  • SOHO ADSL pricing has been revised similarly and remains at $10 per month above equivalent HOME pricing
  • BUSINESS ADSL pricing has not been revised in this round and will be reviewed soon
  • Not all quotas are available on all plans – as per the tables below

Summary Table: Agile and Optus Port HOME Plans at 10th August 2010

Quota Extreme ADSL2+
with NodeLine
Extreme ADSL2+
NakedExtreme ADSL2+ NakedUltra ADSL2+ UltraBundle
(ADSL2+ & Voice)
10 GB $29.95
$39.95 $49.95 $49.95 $59.90
30 GB $39.95
60 GB $49.95
$59.95 $69.95 $69.95 $79.90
100 GB $69.95
$79.95 $89.95 $89.95 $99.90
240 GB $89.95
$99.95 $109.95

Summary Table: Telstra Port HOME Plans at 10th August 2010

Quota STANDARD 1500/256
with NodeLine
STANDARD 1500/256
with NodeLine
25 GB $49.95
$59.95 $69.95
50 GB $59.95
$69.95 $99.95
100 GB $99.95
$109.95 $139.95