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Friday, September 10th, 2010 by

Sometimes life seems a little too serious.

Around my #NodePony ... there be dragons! :)

Sometimes, just when it feels that way, something can appear in your life that brings you a little ray of light.

Like… a NodePony.

Someone mysterious (ok, it was me) decided, a while ago, that the world would be a better place if it contained…  NodePonies!

The background here sheets home to a long running “in joke”, about how sometimes we all feel that we haven’t quite got what we want, despite the best endeavours of our friends, relatives, or even… our Internet Service Providers.

Sometimes we just need one little extra thing, in order to feel fulfilled.

A Pony.

To properly explain the NodePony, you should start by watching the first 15 seconds or so  of this video,

Thats how we feel at Internode, sometimes, because while we bust a gut to make our customers happy, day in and day out, of course we’re not perfect.

Sometimes we get told here and there that we still haven’t done enough for some of our customers.

We accept (and, I hope, most of our customers accept) that the world is a complicated place and we can’t please everyone all of the time (as much as we try to do that!).

There is a #NodePony in my Tesla Roadster!

This week, we decided to let some NodePonies out into the wild.

Some NodePony care packages started quietly arriving here and there over the last few days.

Then they started getting noticed:

… and as a result, we have seen a small, but significant, increase in the total happiness in the world.

Meantime, amongst the happy tweets, there is, of course, the obvious question…

How do I get one?

Ah. Yes. That question.

Well, they are not for sale. They aren’t in the Internode online store.

They are lurking in a pony stable, in an undisclosed location.

We’ve been sending them out to various people, here and there who have sent us nice stories explaining why they’d like one in their lives.

However, at this point, we’ve pretty much got as many lovely stories waiting for us  to read as we have… ponies in stock to send out next week (hmmm, we might need to get some more made!).

So… meanwhile, you’ll just need to cast about the twitterverse for photos of the Ponies as they appear in the wild :)

This is just a bit of fun. Really. No deeper hidden agenda.

We just think a world with a sense of humour in it is nicer than one without.

— Simon Hackett

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