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Easy Broadband “T-Shirt” Plans Available (and improved)

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 by

Easy Broadband ‘T-Shirt’ series plans now available – and even better

Some of the plans have been improved in value compared to our initial announcement of these plans!

There are also some other updates to plans on the way, and we’ll give you a sense of some of those in this post too.

The improvements compared to our initial announcement of the T-Shirt plans are:

  • Easy Small is now 150 GB (was 100 GB) per month
  • Easy Medium is now 250 GB (was 200 GB) per month
  • Easy Large is now 350 GB (was 300 GB) per month
  • And Easy XXL, the largest (1000 GB per month) member of the family, is now available at lower cost than orginally announced (from $119.95/month bundled)

This is the full pricing table:

Plan Quota Easy Easy+NodeLine or Easy-UltraBundle EasyNaked
(sum of upload and download, no peak/offpeak periods) Unbundled (choose phone line rental from a third party) Bundle of ADSL2+, phone line rental and includes first $5 worth of calls per month DSL only: No additional line rental
SMALL (S) 150GB $59.95 $49.95+$34.95= $84.90 $59.95
MEDIUM (M) 250GB $79.95 $69.95+$34.95=$104.90 $89.95
LARGE (L) 350GB $99.95 $89.95+$34.95=$124.90 $119.95
XL 600GB $109.95 $99.95+$34.95=$134.90 (*) $129.95 (*)
XXL 1000GB $129.95 $119.95+$34.95=$154.90 (*) $149.95 (*)

(*) The XL and XXL plans are not available on Optus Wholesale ADSL2+ ports, only on Agile/Internode direct ADSL2+ ports.

Some features of these plans:

  • Includes Annex M (higher speed upstream) where available
  • Shaping over monthly quota is at 256k/256k speeds (Data Blocks are also available).

Some relevant conditions to note for these plans:

  • Quotas are monthly total quota (sum of uploaded and downloaded data)
  • Quota offered on a ‘use anytime’ basis (no peak/offpeak time banding limitations)
  • Existing customers can change to any newly announced plan (if geographically available to them) with no plan change charge.
  • Existing customers must elect to change, to ensure their agreement to the changes in terms and conditions on the new plans.
  • If existing customers do not elect to change plans, they will remain on their current plan with its current price and conditions.
  • Customers moving from any Easy T-Shirt series plan to any Internode plan (on any plan table) that has a lower monthly cost will incur a plan change fee of $29. All other plan changes (to or from any plans available to you on your current service) have no associated plan change fee.
  • Customers who elect to bundle these plans must use the new NodeLine HomePlus or NodeLine BizPlus PSTN services. These plans include the first $5 of calls billed each month as part of the plan rate.
  • Existing customers on NodeLine Home or NodeLine Business will be automatically migrated to the new NodeLine plans if they move to a “T-Shirt” plan.
  • These plans are offered on a ‘one service location, single PPP login only’ basis. They are not intended to be physically portable or used in multiple locations concurrently.

Other things in the pipeline

We have lots of other stuff on the boil at Internode for progressive release – as always :)

Some of what we’re working on at the moment includes:

  • A ‘SOHO Pack’ for our new Easy T-Shirt series plans (Priced at $10 per month for the same SOHO features that apply to our existing ‘SOHO’ plan table). Note that Annex M support (where available) is included in all Easy plans (and does not require a SOHO pack).
  • Revised Internode Business DSL plan tables (featuring download-only quotas and high performance Business features)
  • ‘Easy-UltraBundle’ isn’t quite out the door yet, but it will be released in the next week or two. This table will expand coverage of the bundled versions of the S, M and L plans to Optus Wholesale DSLAMs in addition to Agile DSLAMs. The Naked versions of the S, M and L T-Shirt plans are available across Optus coverage areas right now.
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