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Easy ‘T-Shirt’ Plan Availability

Sunday, September 19th, 2010 by

The new Easy T-Shirt plans are not available in all areas

This post explains where they are and are not available, and some other changes that are on the way.

General Information About Availability (The Non-Technical Version)

These new ‘T-Shirt’ plans are not available in all areas.

In particular, some customers of prior versions of  ‘Easy Broadband’ services are not able to access these new plans. Their existing plan with existing conditions remains in place.

Potential customers can use the Internode Coverage Checker to understand the Internode plan families available generally in your area.

If you are an existing customer, the Internode Online Plan Changer will tell you what new plans are available at your specific location, on your specific line.

Upcoming Changes

  • There is a new ‘Easy -UltraBundle’ plan coming soon, that will extend coverage of the bundled plan to match coverage of the Naked versions of these plans
  • There are some other new ADSL plans on the way too. These will offer new choices to existing ADSL customers who cannot access these new T-Shirt plans. We expect to announce those in the next few weeks.
  • There is a ‘SOHO Pack’ being developed to go with the new T-Shirt plans, that will offer ‘SOHO Features’ for $10 per month to those who require them.

General Information About Availability (The Technical Version)

Internode uses three national networks of ADSL2+ ports to offer ADSL2+ plans to the market:

The Easy T-Shirt plans are:

  • Available as Naked plans across Agile and Optus coverage areas
  • Available as a Bundled (with NodeLine phone service) plan across Agile coverage (now) and Optus coverage (soon, via Easy-UltraBundle plans)
  • Available as an Unbundled (third party phone service) plan across Agile coverage areas (only)
  • Not available in Telstra coverage areas (including not being available to customers on older Easy Broadband plans that are using a Telstra port)

Please note: Some new plans for Telstra port customers are slated for announcement soon. They will offer some new alternatives for Telstra port based ADSL customers.