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Fetchtv Software Update brings YouTube, NASA TV and more.

Friday, August 19th, 2011 by

On Wednesday 17th August, a software update was released to the set top boxes for all fetchtv customers.

This update brings some great new features to your lounge room, including YouTube and NASA TV:


The much anticipated YouTube™ on TV application is now available to fetchtv customers, making fetchtv one of the first IPTV platforms in the world to offer the service.

The new YouTube user interface is optimized so users can sit back and watch their favourite YouTube videos, in full screen, on their TV.  It delivers up to 720p HD video quality, with easy navigation and quick access to YouTube search without requiring a mouse or keyboard.  The TV remote control is used to explore and select videos, making the experience as effortless as watching normal TV.

The fetchtv set top box also has support for connecting a USB keyboard. So you can connect a wired or wireless USB keyboard to a USB port on your fetchtv set top box, and use that to search YouTube. In a future release USB keyboard support will be broadened to include the rest of the fetchtv set top box user interface too.

If you’d like to test out the new YouTube interface, we suggest searching for ‘Art of Flight’ in the YouTube application to see a great example of what this can do.

Note: This application uses metered quota (in accordance with the warning displayed when you select it). It’s not unmetered.


The other new application is NASA TV. NASA TV provides real-time streaming content and documentaries about the NASA Space program.

NASA TV isn’t accessible as a ‘channel’ in the set top box at this point in time. To access NASA TV, you’ll need to navigate to the Applications section.

Please be aware that NASA TV has no sound on the lowest bit rate stream (which is joined initially). The application starts at low resolution and then progressively moves up in resolution until it reaches the highest useful video resolution available on your specific Internet link.

Note: This application uses metered quota (in accordance with the warning displayed when you select it). It’s not unmetered.

Applications now available on FetchTV, including YouTube and NASA TV

HDMI interface improvements

Also included in this update is an improvement to the reliability of HDMI connections. This fix should resolve the problems that some customers experienced with resuming from standby / power saving modes.

We have identified a small set of TVs that this fix still does not yet work for – however, the behaviour is improved even for these TVs in that power cycling the TV (or changing AV source away and then back to the STB) re-establishes HDMI sync.

New functionality summary for this fetchtv software update

Here’s a brief summary of all of the changes in this fetchtv software update

  • YouTube on TV
  • Top menu (home, search, help, messages) available from all scenes
  • Full movie screen details (Info, Cast & Crew, Story)
  • Intelligent conflict resolution
  • Banners on the home menu movies
  • Privacy policy in the settings area
  • Unscheduled recordings information (conflict or recording already exists on disk)
  • The first release of adaptive bit rate streaming of on-demand video – using NASA TV as the launch video application
  • Autostart trailer download from movie detail page
  • Change ‘settings’ name to ‘manage’
  • Various other bug fixes

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“YouTube” is a trademark of Google Inc.

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