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The last state/territory PoP: Darwin

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 by

Internode has decided to construct a Darwin Point of Presence (PoP) to augment our existing investments in the Northern Territory.

Those existing investments include the (already operational) Alice Springs Agile/Internode-direct ADSL2+ DSLAM service, and the
completed construction of four Agile/Internode-direct ADSL2+ DSLAM deployments around the Darwin area.

We’ll also be building an Extreme SHDSL deployment in the Darwin (main) exchange, providing high capacity symmetric data link services over copper at data rates of up to 40M/40M for business purposes in that main exchange coverage area.

The installation of a full PoP in Darwin means that (once complete), local data access between customers connected to our Agile DSLAM infrastructure in Darwin will remain local to Darwin.

We’ll also be able to take advantage of some interesting forms of high availability networking in terms of our backhaul, by completing a gigabit rate data ring linking Adelaide, via Alice, to Darwin, and then ‘around the corner’ all the way back to our core national network in Brisbane.

As a result, connectivity out of Darwin will have no single point of failure in the (very!) long haul segments concerned. Data flow can be achieved via Adelaide or Brisbane (and in normal operation, we expect to make appropriate use of both paths).

The construction process (due to the looming christmas shutdown period for most telco industry players) will likely be completed sometime in the first quarter of the 2012 calendar year.

To be clear about sequence here:

  • The four DSLAM’s in the Darwin area are already built and are waiting for backhaul installation.
  • As soon as the NextGen (RBBP) backhaul goes live in Darwin, we’ll turn on the four DSLAM sites there.
  • We’ll add in the Darwin direct point of presence routers and the Extreme SHDSL deployment as soon as those are completed.

The Darwin area PoP means that connections and data flows from our direct infrastructure in the Darwin area will be locally terminated into a router there, before being sent off to wherever they are going next.

We look forward to offering our customers in Darwin, at long last, various forms of improved performance (due to both our direct DSLAMs and then from our new direct PoP in Darwin) in the coming months.

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