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FetchTV 30 Day Trial Window

Friday, November 25th, 2011 by

FetchTV LogoHi everyone,

Following feedback from customers, we’ve learned that some of you like the look of fetchtv, but are just a tad unsure about taking on a 24 month subscription commitment for something like this, until you’ve seen it in your own lounge room.

At Internode, we know how good the service is, but there is no substitute for seeing it for real.

We are trying a simple new approach to address that challenge; We’ve decided to trial 30 day ‘no-penalty’ return process to see if that helps to make you feel more confident in giving the service a go.

Applications now available on FetchTV, including YouTube and NASA TV

We really believe (especially at the brilliant new pricing that now applies!) that this service is excellent value for money.

So this trial is an exercise in underwriting our belief in the service with a specific way to lower your risk in trying it out.

Here’s how it works:

  • After 30 days, if you decide that it really doesn’t meet your needs, then you may cancel the service and promptly return the supplied equipment to Internode without the normal early termination penalties applying
  • This offer requires that the returned hardware arrives back at Internode within the subsequent 30 days (strictly, before the end of the second month of your contract term), in resalable condition with its original packaging.
  • The monthly fees for the months in which you do use it will still apply (that’s only fair)

Please do try to keep the original packaging and all the cables together, as that’ll make it easier for all concerned if you do decide to return the hardware and end the service.

(Note this no-termination-fee return offer is related to the fetchtv subscription service itself only; It doesn’t apply to other hardware you might buy from Internode at the same time, such as routers, power-over-ethernet boxes etc)

Important: Telling us what you think

There is one significant request that goes with this offer, and it is one that really matters to us.

If you do wind up returning the service via this trial offer, then in addition to cancelling the service and returning the hardware, we’d really appreciate it if you could post your story about why you decided to do that, over here:

What we learn in the process will be applied, as you’d expect, to improving the service and/or to improving the way we explain what the service does, for future customers.

Initial Offer Period

In the first instance, this trial applies for all new 24 month subscriptions undertaken from now until Christmas (December 25th 2011).

(If the trial goes well, we will consider extending it)

To avoid anyone ‘just’ missing out, we’ll backdate this offer to the start of this week (i.e. to orders from Monday 21st November 2011).

Update: We’ve extended the trial offer period until January 31st, 2012. Read more.

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