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Bring online streaming to your TV

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 by

There’s no doubt that there’s been an absolute explosion of online streaming in Australia. Ever since the release of Netflix in Australia seriously changed the entertainment game in 2015, we’ve seen a number of subscription streaming services grow in popularity including Netflix, Stan, Hayu and Presto which is soon to be replaced by Foxtel Play.

You may already be watching shows through apps on your tablet or smartphone or visiting a Free-to-Air channel’s website on your computer for a cheeky bit of catch-up TV in your down time. However, the heart of home entertainment will always be the living room, so how do you get the TV shows and movies streaming over your internet connection to play on your TV screen? It can be a costly upgrade to get one of the new-fangled TVs with internet connectivity, so we’ve reviewed some of the top devices on the market to help get you streamin’ with ease. You don’t have to be tech savvy to get in on this entertainment trend!

Generation 3 Fetch TV Mini Set Top Box

You may have already heard some noise about the Fetch Mini Set Top Box as it’s received some rave reviews. The Mini set top box comes with everything you need to get streaming on your TV with an easy to use interface that lets you to effortlessly switch between Free-To-Air, streaming apps and catch-up TV without having to change your input source or find another remote.

The newest generation of Fetch TV packs some amazing features with even more to come, such as Multiroom viewing which will allow you to connect additional set top boxes to different TVs in your home, sharing access to the same subscription. There’ll be no more fighting over the remote when you can watch different content on different screens at the same time! Plus you no longer have to miss those vital moments of TV when nature calls thanks to the 15-minute pause on live TV.

The Fetch TV Mini is available for $99 when you sign up to Fetch TV with Internode on a standard subscription for only $5 per month on a no lock-in contract. You can learn more about the great features on our website.

Google Chromecast

When it comes to the bare basics of bringing your entertainment apps to your TV screen, the Google Chromecast is a popular device that you can probably pick up from your local electronics store for around $59. Or if you’re fortunate enough to have one of those fancy new 4K definition TVs, you have the option to make the reasonably priced upgrade to the Chromecast Ultra for $99.

The Chromecast plugs into the back of your TV, allowing you to set up a connection to your home WiFi network. After that, the Chromecast acts as another kind of antenna to receive content transferred, or ‘cast’, from your smartphone or tablet apps to your TV screen. Thanks to Google being a celebrity in the tech world, the majority of entertainment apps have been developed to support Chromecast – not just TV and movie streaming apps, but also music apps such as Spotify and some games, too. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be controlling everything from your smartphone rather than a conventional remote control. This can be a plus or a minus for some people depending on your tech skills and personal preferences.

Apple TV

Although it might seem tiny, the Apple TV comes with a remote control and is more like a conventional set top box that plugs into your TV (HDMI cable sold separately). While you don’t have to be an iPhone, iPad, iPod or iMac user to purchase or use Apple TV, you will need to set up an iTunes account to allow you to download all the apps, movies and TV shows your heart desires through the iTunes store.

There isn’t a pay TV subscription service associated directly with Apple TV – instead, you choose which third party streaming apps (such as Netflix) that you’d like to subscribe to and stream them through the set top box. You can also buy or rent movies and TV shows from the iTunes store to build up your digital library. Prices start at around $239 for an Apple TV with 32GB of storage and go up to $299 for 64GB.

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