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You don’t have to call us when you can do it online

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 by

We know that waiting on the phone can be frustrating, especially when it’s for something quick like updating your account details or making a payment. But did you know you can do many of these things online?

My Internode is a fantastic tool we’ve created for this exact purpose. It gives you a large range of options to access and manage your account, as well as check on your broadband and any additional services you may have. To save you from picking up the phone, we’ve put together some easy guides so you can take care of the following tasks online:

  • Log in to My Internode
  • Update your payment details
  • Update your contact information
  • Pay a bill
  • View your account information and invoices
  • Change your plan
  • Relocate your service


Logging in to My Internode

If you haven’t used My Internode before, you may be wondering, how do I access it? Firstly, here’s some important details which you may need, and how to find them:

  • Internode Username: This is the username you chose when you signed up with us. You can find it on a recent bill or other paperwork from us. You may also know this as your Internode email address.
  • Password: Unless you‘ve changed your Internode password, it would have been randomly generated when you signed up with us. If you’ve forgotten your password, visit our password retrieval tool.
  • Client ID (Customer Number): This can be found on all Internode invoices. It should start with a letter followed by some numbers, for example: A123456.

Once you have these details, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and head to – you may like to bookmark this page for later.
  2. Now all you have to do is type your Internode username and password into the appropriate fields and you’re ready to go!

We should mention that the Access type will be set to Broadband by default. If you have a broadband service as well as additional ones, this Access type will allow you to view all of your services. If you do not have a broadband service with us you will get the choice between ‘Dialup’ and ‘NodeMobile’. Unless you only have a NodeMobile service with us, choose Dialup for this option, otherwise you will be unable to log in.

Logged in okay? Great! Let’s take a look at the main features in My Internode.


Updating Your Payment Details

In a situation where you have a new credit card or changed your banking details, changing your payment method is a quick and easy process:

  1. On the main overview page, select ‘Change Payment Method’.
  2. Select to update your card details or arrange automatic payments directly from your bank.

If you’re looking for a different way to pay, check out our information on Accounts and Billing.


Updating Your Contact Details

If you’ve recently changed your phone number or email, there‘s no need to pick up the phone; you can update this information in My Internode.

  1. On the overview page, select ‘Change Account Details’.
  2. Enter and save your new contact details.

You can also change where we send your invoices, as well as whether they are sent by mail or email under ‘Client Billing Address’ at the bottom of the page.

There are a few limitations to what you can do, so if you need help doing the following here are some tips:

  • Change your name

If you’ve changed your name and need this updated, we will need you need to provide us with a legal document advising of this change. You can submit this documentation to us via our online form.

  • Transfer ownership of the account

If you need to change the ownership of the account to another party, you can do this by either sending us a completed change of ownership form, or calling Internode billing on 13 66 33 with both the old and new owner of the account available to speak.

  • Authorise another person on the account for this call

You can also authorise another person on your account by using the online form, or by calling Internode billing on 13 66 33.


Paying Your Bill

There are a lot of things you can do in your My Internode account but let’s start with by taking a look at paying your bill.

  1. Under My Account, click ‘Pay My bill’.
  2. Enter your Internode username followed by your customer number and invoice number (optional).
  3. Select the type of card you’d like to use.
  4. Input the amount of money you wish to pay.
  5. Press ‘Next’ and follow through with the prompts.

All transactions here are instant, though if you are paying your service towards a suspension, please bear in mind that it can still take up to 90 minutes for your service to restore, and you may need to restart your modem.

If you’d like to view your invoices and outstanding payments first, take a look at the next section!


Viewing your Account Information and Invoices

My Internode allows you to see the various services listed on your account, including their individual charges and total amount owing. It’s a great way to verify that your invoice is accurate and that services are charging normally.

  1. Select ‘My Account
  2. Click ‘Account Info and Bills’.

On this page, you can see a variety of information including:

  • Customer Details: the various services listed for your account, including individual charges and total amount owing.
  • Recent Invoices: allows you to see your last 14
  • Internet Access Plan: shows you your current plan, monthly charge, and contract details.
  • Traffic Utilisation: shows you how much data you have per month, your rollover date, and your current data usage.
  • Usage History: shows the dates of your usage, a handy tool if you’ve noticed more usage than usual and want to identify the cause.


Changing your plan

If you’re looking to upgrade (or downgrade) your plan to something more suitable, you can do this via My Internode as well.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. On the main overview page, select ‘My Services’.
  2. Select ‘Change Broadband Plan’. On this page you will first see your current plan, including the cost, data and service rollover date. To proceed with the plan change, click ‘Next’. You will be greeted with a screen which gives you all optional plan changes.
  3. Select ‘View more info on these plans’ for a more detailed explanation on the plans available to you.
  4. Select your plan and click ‘Next’.
  5. On the next screen, you’ll be given a choice to select an additional option pack including ‘No Pack’, ‘Power Pack’, and ‘Business Pack’. If you already have a service with an existing Power Pack you WILL need to select it again here. If you have an existing Power/Business pack and you select ‘No Pack’, your pack will be removed upon the plan change.
  6. Select the appropriate option and click ‘Next’.
  7. Prior to submitting your plan change, you’ll need to read the ‘Important Notes about your plan’. This is to ensure you understand the change you are making.
  8. Once confirmed, you can click ‘Submit Plan Change’.
  9. Finally, you’ll see a comparison between your current plan and your new plan, as well as confirmation of the date that the plan change will take effect (your rollover date).

Please bear in mind that once the plan change is lodged, you will not be able to make further changes until after your rollover date.

Internode’s billing system works one month in advance, so every invoice you receive is for the next month. This means that if you choose a plan that is more expensive you will see a debit applied for the upcoming month, and likewise a credit if you move to a cheaper plan.


Relocating your service

Moving house is a pretty big deal, and when it comes to relocating your internet service this is no exception. Fortunately we’ve integrated the ability to relocate yourself into My Internode, all you have to do is:

  1. On the overview page, select ‘My Services’.
  2. Select ‘Relocate my services’ and tell us where you are headed. Use the Broadband Coverage Checker to see which type(s) of internet services are available at your new address.
  3. Select your desired service and proceed to the signup process.
  4. Choose ‘I’m already with Internode’ and enter your Internode account/login details for the service(s) that you’d like to relocate.
  5. Enter the details for your new service(s) at your new location.
  6. Provide us with the details of your relocation.

While a relocation cannot be completed in My Internode, this page will provide you with the steps you need to take to get the ball rolling. If you have any questions or are unsure about relocating, see our Moving page for more information, or call our relocations team on 1300 66 33 27 for further assistance.

If you want to know more head to our Accounts and Billing page and get to know your My Internode account better!


Author: Zak Parker