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Presenting Node’s Proudest Geek

Friday, July 14th, 2017 by

Our Node ‘Proud to be a Geek’ comp launched last month to celebrate Geek Pride Day so all the geeks out there could get some well-deserved recognition and the chance to win a FRITZ!Box 7490!

Throughout the competition our #NodeGeeks wore their inner geekdom with pride and we were blown away by the quality and quantity of entries!

We South Aussies know that Fritz that comes in slices and is often mistaken for polony. . .



 Gael Fox – “Was expecting packaged meat. . . . fritz”



Lucky for us, a few of our Node Fans cleared that up!


Scott Evans – “Here’s my mess! Oh and the fritzbox 7390 in the picture was on loan to me at the time!”






Bob Denelzen  – “#nodegeek Obviously I need it !!!!! Not enough Geek Stuff !!”






Bboyle – “Proud to be a Greek, already have a and it’s in good company :) #nodegeek”

Watch the video!



The competition started on the 25th of May and we made sure we enticed our Geekiest Node Fans with some references you may have recognised. It was a tough choice but the winning entry was a collection like no other! This is just a taster so be sure to check out the whole collection! It’s safe to say that Colyn will definitely need the FRITZ!Box 7490 to get an internet signal through that massive #nodegeek collection!

We were blown away by all your awesome collections, and figured it was only fair to share some of our favourites. So enjoy!


Sean Manning – “#nodegeek

I’ve got the low tech end covered but I could definitely expand my high tech end. Also, I love Fritz box products, have before it was cool.

Wait! It IS cool right?”



Dean Mayes – “My almost complete collection of Buck Rogers Scanlens cards. Having this modem will allow me to find the remaining 13 cards I need to complete the set #nodegeek




David Barrett – “My geekiness is well established at work! #nodegeek Why do I want a Fritz box? I’m a South Australian living in Melbourne – I NEED my Fritz!!!!!!”




Sean Eyton – “This my ROG motherboard collection. The biggest in the world according to Asus! This photo was taken almost a year to the day and it has grown since then! I need a fantastic streaming modem/router as I struggle to find one to for fill my needs. #nodegeek




Michael Jones – “I need a bigger cama lens to fit the rest in. Would like to be able to play some of these with a good conection #nodegeek





seanthesheep26 – “I need a FRITZ!Box to help expand my collection #nodegeek






PeteDotAscian – “I’ve still got my first computer from 1977. #NodeGeek btw, I don’t need the Fritz as I have one already.”





We even saw some Node Ponies featuring in entries!


Darren French – “Geeky enough to own an original NodePony :) My old modem needs a reboot every now and then, need something decent!






James Cunningham – “My blind Nodepony” 






Peter Craddy- “Would like a FB 7490 as my 7390 has seen better days and it’s pushing it’s wifi limits… #nodegeek








Some entries were a little unconventional, but still impressive…


Eric Stephens – “#nodegeek i need this to match my Christmas decorations this year!!







Cathy Francis – “Heres my proud collection of homemade salami hanging in our shed just signed up to naked adsl with #internode and need this badboy fritzbox modem 7490 to email pics to the rellies back in Italy to show them that Aussies really do it better… #nodegeek”




And some were just adorable!

kyuubichan94- “Today we dressed our daughter up as a super saiyan.

I’d love to win the fritz box to help us speed up our NBN as we are currently using our old modem

#nodegeek #dragonballsuper #saiyan #babydressup #babyphotos #geek”





If you’re hooked on the FRITZ!Box 7490 and want one of your very own, you can order one  through our website.

Thanks again to all our Node Fans for sharing their most prized possessions with us. Stay geeky!

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