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Geeky gadgets you’ll want to wrap up!

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 by

Have you got your Christmas shopping sorted? When you take into account avoiding the crowds and shipping timeframes for online shopping, there’s no time like November (Now-vember, if you will) to get it out of the way so you have less to worry about as the holiday season draws closer.

For the geeks, nerds or just straight-up science enthusiasts in your lives, we’ve put together a ‘must-buy’ list of some great gift ideas that your loved ones are bound to adore. Whether the force is strong in them or they’ve written a hypothesis or two in their time, there’s something for geeks from all walks on life, so read on to get your inspiration phasers set to “stunning”!

Game Over Coffee Mug

Looking for a quirky stocking stuffer? This controller cup is sure to feel natural in any gamer’s hand. Once you’ve finished the last drop, you’ll see a “GAME OVER” message at the bottom.

Get it for $19.99 + shipping on Yellow Octopus.


Portable Pikachu Charger

Whether or not this was inspired by the battery-sucking Pokémon GO app, we can’t say, but one thing’s for sure: this is the cutest power source on the market!

Get it for $9.99 + shipping on ThinkGeek.


Game of Thrones Chopping Board

Brace yourselves: Dinner is coming! This cutting board would be an epic addition to any Game of Thrones fanatic’s kitchen.

Available from $33.00 (sizes vary) + shipping on Etsy.


Kymera Magic Wand Universal TV Remote

If you want to cause heavy breathing in any Harry Potter fan, buy them this remote control so they can control their TV with up to 13 wand movements.

Get your hands on this magic for $99.99 + shipping on Yellow Octopus.


Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp

Forget Inky, Blinky, Pinky or Clyde – this LED lamp has over 16 different colour settings and comes with a sound activation mode that’s perfect for parties!

Get it for $31.99 + shipping on ThinkGeek.


Fitzroy’s Storm Glass

You crazy kids and your weather apps. Predict the weather like a proper old-timey mariner with the help of a Fitzroy’s Storm Glass.

A sunny price of just $29.99 + shipping on Yellow Octopus.


Star Trek Transporter Pad LED Coasters

Though these space-age coasters won’t actually materialise or dematerialise your drinks, they will make the proper sounds from Star Trek: The Original Series when you pick up and put down your glass!

A set of 4 is just $14.99 + shipping on ThinkGeek.


Ferrofluid in a Bottle

What’s the coolest science of all time? Magnets. Ask anyone. This Ferrofluid does some crazy stuff whenever it gets close to a magnet and it will keep any curious mind occupied for hours.

Available for $19.99 + shipping on eBay.


Legend of Zelda Electronic Ocarina of Time

Get ready to jam – not only will this ocarina play the full versions of songs from the original Nintendo 64 title, it also has Free Play including R and Z buttons to adjust the pitch.

Wrap one up for $29.99 + shipping on ThinkGeek.


Sphero Mini

What’s better than a robot ball that you can control from an app on your smartphone? A mini version of a little robot ball! Who’s up for skittles?

You can get one for $79.95 + shipping (may be available in-store) from EB Games.



Dual Arc Lighter

Thanks, Nikola Tesla! This dual arc has seriously got to be the coolest way to light anything! This miracle of science is windproof, flameless and best of all, USB rechargeable so you can do away with butane.

Starting from $29.99 (designs vary) + shipping on Arc Lighters.


Have you come across a geeky gift perfect for Christmas? Tell us in the comments.

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