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Podcasts you’ll get hooked on this year

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 by

“Podcast” is a word that’s floating around at the moment. So what is a podcast? Basically, regular Broadcast Radio (AM and FM radio) only has so many channels to use. As a result, radio stations attempt to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible, hence the word broadcast. In contrast, podcasting “narrowcasts” specialised content to those who choose to tune in. Podcasts have multiple distribution points such as SpotifyiTunes and Soundcloud, and websites where episodes can be listened to or downloaded.

For those who love a good fun fact, it may interest you to know where the word “podcast” itself originated. The name was first mentioned by Ben Hammersley in a 2004 newspaper article as part of a quick brainstorm of possible names for this growing new platform. The “pod” of podcast is borrowed from Apple’s digital media player the “iPod”; and the “cast” portion of podcast is taken the term “broadcast” used in radio. Despite this, don’t worry – you can still tune in if you don’t have an Apple device or iPod!

If you’ve played with the idea of sinking your teeth into some podcasts, the biggest hurdle is finding out where to start! With so many available thanks to the big wide web, we’ve worked hard to narrow down our list of suggestions to get you kick-started on your podcasting journey.

1. Teen Creeps

Teen Creeps

The website:

Genre: Pop Culture

The rundown: If you love books and great banter and grew up reading young adult horror, mystery, and romance novels, this one is for you! In each episode, comedians Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai read the young adult pulp fiction books of their youth and discuss the eccentric plots, quirky details and outfit descriptions. You’ll love their fun approach and in-depth views on each detail in the book and the best bit is you’ll get a blast from the past and dive back into your favourite books from when you were a kid.

Listen on: Soundcloud

2. No Such Thing As A Fish

No Such Thing As A Fish

The website:

Genre: Comedy

The rundown: Hosted by Dan Schreiber, James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, and Anna Ptaszynski, this podcast comes from the writers behind the BBC’s panel quiz showQuite Interesting. Each Friday, the QI researchers share the most interesting recent discoveries they’ve found out that week.

Listen on: SoundCloud and iTunes

3. Alice Isn’t Dead

Alice Isn't Dead

The website:

Genre: Crime Thriller

The rundown: If you’re a lover of Stephen King novels, then you’ll want to tune in to this one! As the podcast itself says, it’s not a story; it’s a road trip. Alice Isn’t Dead is a serial fiction podcast from the team behind Welcome to Night Vale. The podcast follows a truck driver’s journey as she searches across America for the wife who has long been assumed dead. There are two seasons available that illustrate the unraveling of a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman.

Listen on: Spotify and iTunes

4. Serial


The website:

Genre: True Crime

The rundown: The podcast Serial is hosted by Sarah Koenig and has won several awards so it’s bound to be a good listen!  There are currently two seasons available. Over the course of the season you’ll hear the one story—a true story, unfold. With this one you’ll need to listen to the episodes in order so that you can follow along one chapter at a time to see where the plot and characters take you.

Listen on: Soundcloud and iTunes

5. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

The website:

Genre: Knowledge

The rundown: Ever thought there were just some things you should know? Well, good news! Everything you need to know is right here in this podcast. This award-winning podcast and video series is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by writers at HowStuffWorks, Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant. With topics covering everything under the sun, you’ll be telling people the chemical properties of Play-Doh and how to train a lion.

Listen on: the website

6. My Dad Wrote a Porno

My Dad Wrote a Porno

The website:

Genre: Comedy

The rundown: The title says it all. Host Jamie Morton’s father went through a mid-life crisis and wrote an erotic novel called “Belinda Blinked.” In short, the book isn’t great. In fact, it’s awful. Not only in the way it’s written but down to the grammar and content too! Each week Jamie and his mates, Alice and James, read through a new chapter and question its very existence in a side-splitting review.

Listen on: SoundCloud and iTunes

7. And That’s Why We Drink

And That's Why We Drink

The website:

Genre: True Crime and Paranormal Investigation

The rundown: Murder and the paranormal brought together for your enjoyment. Every Sunday, hosts Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer delve into ghost stories that will send chills down your spine and terrifying true crime stories that will give you goosebumps. Whether it’s a coffee, a milkshake or a wine – this podcasts tells the horrifying stories of the world and the scary reasons that we reach for a beverage.

Listen on: iTunes

8. The Real Thing

The Real Thing

The website:

Genre: True Stories

The rundown: Each episode of this fortnightly podcast introduces you to a new unique Australian individual with a fascinating story. Each episode unveils the characters, scenes and stories that make Australia so unique. If you’re a fan of television programs such as Australian Story, then you’ll love this one!

Listen on: ABC Listen and iTunes

With so many fantastic podcasts out there – we’d love to see your favourites! If you have one that you listen to regularly, share it with us in the comments.

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