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Get MIGHTY entertainment with Fetch

Friday, August 24th, 2018 by

Entertainment lovers we’ve got some mighty fine news to share with you! While you may be familiar with the Fetch Mini, you may not have heard about the Fetch Mighty. Those who already have the Fetch Mini know all about the huge features jam-packed into the tiny set top box. Now without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the Mini’s bigger sibling – the Fetch Mighty set top box!

The Fetch Mighty has all the Fetch Mini has to offer, plus MORE! We’ve packaged up the BIGGEST and best features you should take note of. Best of all, the Fetch Mighty is now available at a huge saving! While most retailers are selling the Fetch Mighty for $399, when you take up a Fetch Standard subscription with Internode, the Fetch Mighty setup fee is just $209.99*! That’s a saving of $189!

Tune in later

One of the biggest benefits of the Fetch Mighty is its massive 1 terabyte hard drive. Along with this it also has the ability to record up to 585 hours of standard definition TV. Not only can you record up to 6 shows at once while watching another but you can also Series Tag a show to ensure it records every episode so you don’t miss a moment!

The Fetch Mighty’s ability to record combined with the Fetch mobile app means that if you’ve left the house and forgotten to record something, you can simply jump on the app and remotely set the recording for when you need it – how handy is that?

TV Time & and Big Screen Titles

The Fetch Mighty includes Free-to-Air TV, Catch-Up TV, and add-on premium channel packs that you can subscribe to for just $6.00 per month, as well as a huge selection of the latest shows in the Fetch TV Store. You can also access your Netflix, Stan and hayu subscriptions** with ease by linking your account in the Apps menu. The Fetch Mighty also supports 4K, giving you access to Netflix and YouTube 4K content!^^ When it comes to the big screen, there is also a huge range of movies to buy or rent from the Fetch Movie Store and 30 pre-selected included movies anytime in Movie Box.

Go Mobile

Looking for entertainment on the go? Download the Fetch Mobi App and you’ll be able to watch premium channels, TV shows and movies on your device. You can even use your phone as a second remote for when the main remote is nowhere to be found!

One of the coolest features of the app is the ability to download and go! If you’re headed out and keen to finish a movies or show that you’ve already purchased, simply hop on the app and select download.  You can now watch it anywhere, anytime on your device, even when you’re not connected to a mobile network! Just keep on eye on the stops during your commute so you don’t miss your stop!

Get it for FREE on iOS and Android

Entertainment in every room

Fetch Multiroom means no one misses a show and the whole family is happy. Multiroom allows you to enjoy your premium channels with just one subscription^. You can watch movie and TV shows you have purchased on your account on any box, and watch your recordings in up to three different rooms! If you like to mix it up, you can even start a movie or show in one room and continue it in another room! Better still, if you record a show on your Mighty, you can watch it in another room on the Mini!

Keep in mind that each additional set top box will need about 3Mbps of bandwidth so be sure to check your broadband speed to see if you have at least 6Mbps.

With a huge range of features and a mighty great price, don’t wait! Check out the Fetch Mighty and deliver even bigger entertainment to your family.




*A Fetch service requires an active broadband account with the iiNet Group. Setup fee for the Mighty is $209.99.

**Buying content gives you access to that content via your Fetch service. You have access to purchased content for as long as you have your current Fetch account. You will lose access to all purchased content if your account is cancelled or deactivated. Netflix, Stan and hayu streaming memberships required.

^ Additional $59.99 setup fee applies and a $10/month Fetch Standard Multiroom subscription is required for each Fetch Mini in a Multiroom setup.

^^ 4K content requires a 4K TV and eligible broadband connection.