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Connect the easy way with Internode NBN pre-order

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 by

It’s fair to say that most Australians have heard of the NBN™ but as the nation-wide rollout continues, you may not be able to order NBN™ just yet. That’s where Internode’s NBN™ pre-order swoops in to save the day!

Instead of worrying about when the NBN™ will come and constantly checking for updates on the NBN™ rollout to see when your address will be ready to connect, pre-order with Internode and leave the rest to us. Our award-winning customer service team will do the leg-work for you and arrange your connection when it becomes available at your address. It won’t cost you anything upfront and we’ll make sure you’re amongst the first in your area to get NBN™.

Pre-ordering the NBN™ with Internode is an easy and flexible way to get on the NBN with Internode – read on to find out more.

When will the NBN™ reach you? Here’s how to find out!

  • Head to the Coverage Checker on our website.
  • Make sure the NBN tab is selected.
  • Enter your street address in the box (example below) and hit Check Now.

The results of our Coverage Checker will tell you when NBN Co estimates that the NBN™ will be available at your address, and which type of NBN™ technology will be available. From there, you can view our full range of plans or hop straight into pre-ordering. Too easy!

How to complete your Internode NBN pre-order

Once you’ve picked out a plan, pre-ordering is simple. Just fill out the form on-screen like a regular broadband order, then leave the rest to us! We’ll keep your pre-order safe until NBN Co gives us the green light on selling NBN™ at your address, then we’ll get started on your order ASAP so you’re among the first to be connected.

If you’re having trouble picking a plan, don’t stress. Pre-ordering NBN™ with Internode is totally flexible, just like our NBN plans! When it comes time to connect, you can easily change your mind about which plan you’d like. Even after you’re connected, you can change your NBN™ plan whenever you need, regardless of which type of contract you’ve chosen.

Why Internode is the best choice for the NBN

Our team is powered by passionate, friendly internet enthusiasts who care about providing great customer service so you can rest assured that you’ll be well looked after with Internode on the NBN™.

However, you don’t have to just take our word for it – Internode has a long history of awards for outstanding customer service that sets us apart from the rest. In 2018 alone, we took out not one, not two but ALL THREE categories for Most Satisfied Customers in the Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction awards, including the NBN™ category. Canstar Blue is an independent, leading consumer ratings agency that frequently surveys real customers about their experience, so we’re proud to say that this recognition comes from our very own customers.

So why wait? For more information about how we can help you pre-order the NBN™ at your address, give our friendly Sales team a call on 13 66 33 or pre-order here.