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Games to give you a good fright

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 by

Can you feel a chill in the air? The spooky season has kicked off with a cackle and the shops are ready to service all your pumpkin and confectionery-based needs. While some may be planning a killer costumes for trick-or-treating or a scare-sational movie marathon, the geekier among us may be picking out the latest horror games to scare us out of our seats.

We’ve rustled up our top picks from the Steam library for a frighteningly good time. Will you be brave enough to play with the lights turned off? Read on to find out!




$42.95 on Steam (free demo available)

If you’re looking for modern graphics with the nostalgic gameplay of iconic nineties titles such as Resident Evil, then DAYMARE: 1998 should be right up your alley! This single-player, survival horror game sees an elite soldier crash land in a small town that has been overrun by bloodthirsty mutants. The stakes are high, resources are scarce and the enemies are hard to kill. Will you be able to figure out the mystery of what happened to the town – or will one of the town’s monstrous citizens get you first?

Showdown Bandit

$9.99 on Steam

Showdown Bandit may have a childish appearance, but don’t let that fool you! Set in the ruins of a run-down, western-themed children’s puppet show, the setting of Showdown Bandit is reminiscent of the pizzeria animatronics in the cult series Five Nights at Freddy’s, but that’s where the similarities end. The gameplay is much more focused on suspense and atmosphere than time management and jump scares. Playing as the titular puppet himself, you’ll need to stealthily navigate your way through the dilapidated sets of Showdown Valley to find out who’s really pulling the strings.

Silver Chains

$35.95 on Steam

If you like a strong emphasis on story and exploration in your scary gaming experience, then Silver Chains is the pick for you! You’ll be playing as Peter, a man who’s just woken up in an eerie, abandoned mansion after a car crash in the middle of the night. Like most people who’ve been displaced while unconscious, Peter would like to get out of the mansion as quickly as possible, but that’s easier said than done. The dark passages are home to more than just dust and cobwebs! While Peter hunts for clues on how to escape, there’s something hunting Peter, too. Will you run for your life or find a play to hide? Let’s hope you make the right choice.

Green Hell

$35.95 on Steam

Too many survival horror games are set in drab, post-apocalyptic city ruins or dusty, deserted wastelands. Green Hell shakes things up a bit by thrusting you deep into the lush-but-deadly surroundings of the Amazonian rain forest. The thriving plant life in this Open World won’t be comforting for too long as you struggle to build shelter, make tools and craft weapons. The jungle is full of perils, from hungry wildlife to tropical diseases. A single radio is your only remaining connection to the outside world, but it’s tuned in to a rather peculiar channel. Against all the odds, it may just turn out that your worst enemy is your own mind.

Stranger Things 3: the Game

$28.92 on Steam

The popular Netflix series Stranger Things has brought back the eighties is a big way, so what better style for the official game of the third season than retro, isometric levels and pixel art? Complete with bangin’ beat-em-up gameplay mechanics and all your favourite characters from the show, Stranger Things 3: the Game may not be the scariest title on this list, but it is one of the most fun! The game even features local co-op so you and a friend can team up to save the town of Hawkins from the comfort of your couch.


$28.95 on Steam

Take what you know about gravity and turn it upside down, because when you’re dreaming, the rules of physics don’t apply! In Darq, you play as Lloyd, a boy who’s become trapped in his own nightmare. As he desperately tries to find a way to wake up, Lloyd finds that he’ll need to alter the very fabric of the dream world in order to stay one step ahead of the lurking horrors. With monsters that are much faster and stronger than a human child, it will take a combination of quick wits and careful planning just to stay alive in this nightmare!

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