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Best new tech on IndieGoGo

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 by

IndieGoGo gadget findsWondering what the future has in store for the gadgets and gizmos you may find in your home? Look no further than IndieGoGo, a crowdfunding website where bright minds and entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for public investment. We’re talking about the latest and greatest tech concepts that can change the game for everyday living – or just make life a lot more fun.

We’ve picked out five of our favourites to showcase right here. If anything catches your eye, you’re in luck, because all of these products are fully funded, which means you may be able to get your hands on them in the near future.



Zero Translator

Zero Translator

If you consider yourself a travel bug, then the Zero Translator sounds like a dream come true. Whether your trip is for work or play, this game-changing microphone can plug into your smartphone and automatically translate over 40 languages and 90 accents. Not only is it quick and easy to use, it also has the ability to record transcriptions of your whole conversation so you can ace those international interviews. Best of all? Its Offline Mode allows you to use Zero without an internet connection, so you could even use it on a plane!


BeBird otoscope

Bebird Otoscope Cleaner

Who doesn’t love a good ear clean? Instead of going in blind with a cotton swab, which can be dangerous (not to mention a nasty source of plastic waste) some bright minds have developed the BeBird. It’s an at-home otoscope for ultra-safe and environmentally friendly ear cleaning. This handy tool has a camera so you can see the ear canal up close and guide out any ear wax or foreign objects with the flexible cleaning tip. It even has an adjustable plug to prevent the otoscope from being inserted too deeply into the ear canal. Simply use, clean and store!


PrinCube mobile colour printer

PrinCube Mobile Colour Printer

Okay, now this one has got us excited! The PrinCube is a handheld mini-printer that can be used to print full-colour designs directly onto a wide range of surfaces, including paper, leather, plastic and wood – even human skin! The applications for this would be particularly handy for small businesses who need to apply their branding to packaging and merchandise. It’s perfect for creative types and fans of aesthetically appealing organisation. Watch it in action here.


inCharge6 keyring

inCharge 6 Keyring

Living in the modern world is complicated enough. You don’t need to get held up by something trivial like not having the right cable. That’s where the inCharge 6 comes in: a sleek little keychain with all the plugs you need to charge your modern devices. Thanks to its clever design, the inCharge6 supports USB and USB-C charging to USB-C, MicroUSB, and Lightning ports. That’s 6 combinations that will cover all your smartphones, tablets, smart watches and more. You can even use the inCharge6 to transfer power between devices with a USB-C input – just don’t let your friend catch you stealing charge from their phone!


Shine Bathroom Assistant

Shine Bathroom Assistant

Part of the allure of futuristic technology is getting rid of the jobs we just don’t want to do. While everyone’s priorities may differ, it’s fair to say that not many people look forward to having to clean their bathroom. The Shine Bathroom Assistant plans to take that hassle out of people’s lives by automating toilet cleaning – no bleach needed! The unit creates electrolysed water using salt, which acts as a powerful cleaning agent that also helps to control odours. You can set up Shine to do a quick, water-efficient clean after each flush, or on command through the management app on your smartphone. It beats the scrubbing brush any day!


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