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Your questions about NBN plans answered with Internode

Thursday, February 20th, 2020 by

When will I get NBN in my area?

What do I have to do to get the NBN™?

What NBN™ speeds can I get?

The NBN™ like every new technology takes a bit of understanding. If you’re not sure when you can get the NBN™, what to do when you can get it, or what plan to choose, then keep reading! To make things clear and easy to follow, we’ve put together some handy tips as well as some answers to the most commonly asked NBN™ questions so you get connected to the NBN™ with ease.

When will the NBN™ be available at my address?

To check your address on our NBN rollout map and see when you’ll get NBN™ in your area, simply follow these steps!

  • Visit our website and Check your address.
  • Enter your street address in the box and hit Check Now. There’s an example below for you to check out.

When the results roll in you’ll be able to see when the NBN Co estimates the NBN™ availability at your address. Once you’ve completed the NBN™ address check, you can view our full range of NBN™ plans or pre-order the NBN™ with Internode at your address.

What if I can’t get the NBN™ yet?

If you’ve heard about the NBN™ but are not able to order it just yet, consider Internode’s NBN™ pre-order. Our NBN™ pre-order means that you don’t have to constantly check for updates on the NBN™ rollout to see when your address will be ready to connect, simply place your pre-order and the Node Team will take care of the rest. That’s right! When the NBN™ becomes available at your address we’ll arrange your connection and make sure you’re amongst the first in your area to get NBN™.

If you’re ready to pre-order the NBN™ but can’t decide which plan to get started with, don’t hesitate! You can pre-order the NBN™ with the reassurance that you can change your plan at any time.

What NBN™ speeds can I get?

Our plans come in four tiers: NBN12 (Basic)NBN25 (Standard)NBN50 (Standard Plus) and NBN100 (Premium). Our full range of NBN™ plans are designed to provide options to suit every household, whether you’re a casual internet user, a fully-fledged online geek, or on a tight budget. Life changes though and sometimes we can find ourselves using more internet connection than ever before. That’s why all Internode NBN™ contract options allow you to change your plan to suit your usage. Whether you’re on a 24-month contract or a month-to-month plan, you’re able to change to another NBN™ plan in our current range.

We’re excited to share with you our NBN50 special offer, identified by Lifehacker as one of the best NBN50 deals around right now. Our great value special offer for new Internode NBN™ customers – takes our $79.99 per month Unlimited data NBN50 plan with Typical Evening Speeds* of 43Mbps and reduces it to just $59.99 per month for the first six months on a six month contract, then $79.99 per month thereafter! (min cost $359.94)

*Typical Evening Speeds measured between 7pm-11pm. Speeds may vary.

 Why is Internode the best choice for the NBN?

You can rest assured that you’ll be well looked after with Australia’s Best Broadband Provider. Join Internode NBN™ and you’ll experience our outstanding customer service while enjoying the great performance that our NBN™ plans deliver. Our team is powered by passionate, friendly internet enthusiasts who live and breathe the latest tech and care about providing great customer service. You don’t have to just take our word for it though – Internode has a long history of awards for outstanding customer service that sets us apart from the rest. In fact, we have been awarded Roy Morgan Internet Service Provider of the Year more times than any other service provider!

Don’t wait! Visit our website to choose the perfect NBN™ plan for your home or contact our friendly Sales Team on 13 66 33 for help selecting the right one.

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