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Five online curios for geeky minds

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 by

The internet is home to all kinds of information, which is why the geekier amongst us love it so, so much. With the ability to connect with others who share the same niche interests and access new ideas every day, the web is an amazing tool for learning and discovery.

We here at Internode love finding new things on the web, so we’ve scoured the internet and asked the team about their favourites to bring you five of the best curios to get your minds buzzing. Have a read through and see if you discover something new!


Inside the guts of tech

Ever wanted to know exactly what was inside a pair of VR goggles, but you were stopped by pesky factors such a specialist tools and not having an infinite supply of money? Never fear – the gurus at iFixit are here to scratch your itch with their awesome collection of tech teardowns. They methodically dismantle and discuss every component of popular gadgets, from the iPhone X to the HTC Vive. They even list the tools they use for each job if you’re tempted to take apart some old tech yourself.


Learn new things every week

If you find yourself bored with small talk, then the podcast No Such Thing as a Fish is the perfect way to stock up on lots of weird and interesting information to bring up at your next social gathering. Each week, a group of writers from the popular BBC show QI get together and talk about their four favourite, unusual facts that they’ve learned that week. And we do mean VERY unusual: from Emotional Support goats to the taboo nut language of Papua New Guinea, there’s no limits to what this team can dig up and reality is often stranger than fiction.


Satisfy all your unboxing needs

Do you get a buzz out of taking brand new tech out of its box? Look no further than Unbox Therapy on Youtube to see all the latest tech and gadgets “get naked”. The channel’s host, Lewis George Hilsenteger, shows a genuine joy for both tech and packaging alike. Judging by the fact that his unboxing videos aren’t all suspiciously ten minutes or longer, he’s also not inclined to pad out his videos with waffle to appease the YouTube algorithm. In addition to the unboxing of standard tech, the channel also covers more unusual products such as custom, gold-plated iPhones and a levitating sneaker display, so there’s something to pique everyone’s interest.


Keep a finger on the pulse of science

Needless to say, science is an incredibly broad subject and it can be difficult to keep up with all areas of it. Fortunately, the SciShow on YouTube is serving up regular, bite-sized doses of science from all kinds of subjects, including biology, astronomy, geology, technology, agriculture, climate, health and more. Whether you’re wondering what the deal is with scurvy or how fast a person could possibly run, the SciShow team is ready to quench your curiousity about what makes the universe tick.


Get the kids buzzing about STEM with fun experiments

If you’ve got some little ones in your life and you want to get them stoked on science (or maybe just dabble in a little nostalgia yourself) then the Science Buddies Blog is your one-stop shop for experiments ideal for students from kindy through to year 12. They feature a wide range of fun, hands-on projects including making stuff from recycled materials, breadboard circuits, and fizzy chemistry. For those who have a school project they need to work on, the blog also has educational resources to help with science projects.


We hope you found something new to enjoy!


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