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Video games for your next fright night

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 by

Are you ready for a good scare? With Halloween season in full swing, now’s the time to check out the latest screams available on video game libraries like Steam. For those of us who like a challenge or getting more invested in a scary story, horror games are a great upgrade to horror movies for a frightening night in. After all, getting involved with the gameplay makes your all the more likely to jump out of skin when something unexpected happens.

We’ve rustled up our favourite tense and terrifying PC titles on Steam – read on to see if any of them are prime picks for your next hair-raising gaming session!


Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Single player – $42.95 AUD on Steam

A fresh instalment to the cult classic Remothered series is here! Uncovering the mysteries at the Ashmann Inn will be perilous, and knowing the right time to sneak, flee or fight can be the difference between life and death. Featuring challenging puzzles and intense stealth gameplay, entwined with a thrilling psychological plot, Broken Porcelain brings realistic survival horror fun for new and returning fans alike.



Single player – $21.50 AUD on Steam

If you’re getting tired of jump scares, then delve into the twisted WORLD OF HORROR, a 1-bit roguelite RPG that combines retro gameplay with a squeamish, reality-warping storyline. Inspired by the creative works of horror masters Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft, this cosmic horror sees the whole world spiraling into madness as the Old Gods reawaken. Will you be able to hold on to your sanity and make it through the apocalypse?



Single player – $28.95 AUD on Steam

Many horror games see you trying to escape or kill a monster – Carrion sees you BECOMING the beast! This grisly title puts you in control of a bloodthirsty, amorphous creature of unknown origins, stalking and eating your scientific captors. If you’re a fan of classic horror films like The Blob or just unchained carnage in general, this side-scrolling slaughterhouse will be right up your alley.



Single player – $14.50 AUD on Steam

Sometimes, the worst monsters have human faces. Scrutinized has you working against the clock to expose the numerous criminal degenerates in your local community. Can you put together the clues in citizen-issued reports, police records, social media accounts, text conversations, and more? You better do it fast – there are killers trying to stop you! If you enjoyed the fast-paced gameplay of Papers, Please but you wished the stakes were higher, then this tense detective work is a great way to spend an evening. Good luck sleeping afterwards!


Someday You’ll Return

Single player – $28.95 AUD on Steam

Some secrets should stay buried. This story-driven psychological horror has you playing as Daniel, a father to a runaway daughter with a past he’d rather forget. Now, her latest disappearance has drawn you back to a place you swore you’d never return to. What nightmares will you uncover in the ancient Moravian forests – and will you ever find your daughter again?


Among Us

Multiplayer – $7.50AUD on Steam – cross-platform gameplay is also available for iOS and Android

While Among Us isn’t a new title (it was originally released in 2018) it’s worth a mention because, in celebration of its completion, two additional DLC maps have been released into the base game at no extra cost! Revel in the joys of sabotage and treachery as you and 3 to 9 players form the crew of a desolate spaceship, completing tasks in order to survive. Beware – there’s an impostor among you! Will the crew be able to piece together the clues to vote them out, or will the impostor kill them off one by one?


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