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Geeky gift ideas

Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 by

The Christmas decorations have no doubt been up at the shops for weeks now, but consider this a friendly reminder that it’s November, and Christmas is on the horizon. With more and more shopping getting done online these days, it’s best to beat the rush and get your gifts sorted sooner rather than later.

To help you get some ideas about quirky gifts for your geeky loved ones, here’s some of our top picks from online stores that ship to Australia. Whether you’re shopping for an avid gamer, sci-fi fan or pop culture collector, you’re bound to find something they’ll love – and maybe pick up something for yourself while you’re at it!


LEGO® Super Mario™ Nintendo Entertainment System™

Combining all the nostalgia of LEGO sets and retro gaming, the Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System set has incredible attention to detail. You can even turn the crank to make Mario move on the TV screen!

You can order yours on the LEGO website but get in quick, otherwise you might be giving a belated back-order gift in the New Year!


Mensa Japanese wooden puzzle box

Whether you’ve got tiny treasures to protect or you just like giving your brain a workout, Mensa’s Japanese wooden puzzle box is the perfect quirky gift for those who love strategy, logic, and curiosities.

You can pick one up on Yellow Octopus.


Stonecutter ring

There are people who like the Simpsons, and then there are people who LOVE the Simpsons. If the Number One in your life is the latter, then a signet ring from the show’s secret, ancient organization may be the perfect gift.

Get one custom made by BurningRoseJewellery on Etsy. Be sure to order early to allow for crafting time!


Level Up board game platform

Avid tabletop gamers will know that surface space can be a serious issue, especially for larger group games. The Level Up broad game platform is a literal game-changer, freeing up valuable table space for cards, drinks, snacks and anything else you please.

A range of sizes are available for pre-order on the Level Up website.


Mini USB vacuum cleaner

The bond between a gamer and their PC is a special one, but it can be an effort to keep things clean! This dust-busting little gadget may just be the perfect stocking stuffer, with two special attachments to make keyboard cleaning a breeze.

You can get one in pink or blue on Yellow Octopus.


100 Movies to See Before You Die advent poster

Film buffs will love this ultimate film bucket list. Bringing the concept of scratch-off travel maps to the world of the silver screen, this creative posted has you scratch off the panel for each of the 100 iconic films that you’ve seen. The end result is full of colourful, minimalist imagery to symbolize each movie, so you can keep the completed poster hanging in your house as a work of art.

You can grab one (or a bookworm alternative) on Yellow Octopus.


Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace

The world of Harry Potter just keeps on giving. This intricate necklace is a replica of a Time Turner, a magical device that featured heavily in the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, as well as the more recent stage production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It even comes with a gorgeous display case to keep your treasure safe.

Pick one up on Yellow Octopus.


Corsair LS100 iCue Ambient Lighting Starter Kit

This ambient lighting starter kit from Corsair is the perfect way to upgrade any PC gaming section. These 4 light strips can be fixed to the back of a monitor and programmed to display a wide range of colours, with built-in light diffusion for fans of multicolour setups. Sync up the lights with your games and media for the ultimate light show!

Add one to your cart at PLE Computers.


Star Wars Boxed Cookie Kit

Baking doesn’t just give you yummy treats to eat, it’s also a great outlet for creative expression. If you know someone who’d love to express that they love Star Wars, then this boxed cookie kit has you covered! With 8 cookie cutters, 12 icing bags and 4 piping tips included, you’ll be well equipped to bake and decorate your favourite icons from a galaxy far, far away.

Order yours today from Williams Sonoma.


Good luck in all your gifting endeavours!


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