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No Cup Holders?

Friday, October 30th, 2009 by
Its got everything else but... no cup holder

Its got everything else but... no cup holder

The Roadster is an awesome sports car. Zero to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Huge range. Looks fabulous.

But its not perfect… there are no cup holders :)

(Edit: A reader kindly pointed out to me that I was wrong – there is indeed a (single) cup holder in my car. It is cunningly hidden under the traction control button! So there’s a victory for RTFM! – something my reader did, and that I, clearly, did not :) )

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One day down…

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 by

They write rock songs about this, don’t they?
Cruising down a highway, blue skies, checking out the sights with a smile on your face.
Maybe there’s a sports car involved – red, of course!

As good a reason to stop as any!

I don’t think they write them quite like this, though. It’s the Global Green Challenge version, which includes a detailed verse about how your cruising vehicle is actually an 8-ton truck carrying a generator, and the sports car is the world’s fastest all-electric vehicle.

That said though, there’s plenty that’s the same. The sights are still amazing and the smiles are definitely real (and only get bigger as the Roadster overtakes the Kia, the Hyundai and both the Ford and Holden entries!).

The Roadster overtaking the postie bike being run on alcohol fuel
(The Roadster overtaking the postie bike being run on alcohol fuel)

We’ve just arrived in Katherine after a relatively easy drive from Darwin. Compared to some of the distances we’re expected to cover over the next few days, the 350-odd kilometres today is nothing! It was a great way to get started on the Challenge though, with both Emilis and Simon getting used to the feel of the vehicle and sorting out exactly what it’s capable of. And again, watching the car in action, we were reminded of one thing this car is definitely capable of: drawing a crowd. Cars on the highway were slowing down as they passed, waving, flashing cameras and even hanging out of the windows at one point!

Once we settle down a bit, we’ll fill you in on all the important details of the trip (the crew are off recharging the Roadster at the moment), but for now I can let you know that yes, we did manage this trip with just one charge and a quick stop for cool drinks at about halfway. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, with a few radio issues needing to be sorted out and – wait for it – the charger for the car blowing a fuse while we were still at the racetrack… but if it was all running to plan, where’s the fun in that? Seriously though, we’ve got a great crew on hand who were able to get all the vehicles to the starting line (and more importantly, the finish) in good shape.

– Jessica Citizen