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Easy Broadband “T-Shirt” Plans Available (and improved)

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 by

Easy Broadband ‘T-Shirt’ series plans now available – and even better

Some of the plans have been improved in value compared to our initial announcement of these plans!

There are also some other updates to plans on the way, and we’ll give you a sense of some of those in this post too.


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New “T-Shirt” Easy Broadband Plans – Sep 2010 – Technical Q and A

Monday, September 6th, 2010 by

IMPORTANT NOTE: These plans have been upgraded since they were first announced. This blog post has been edited to reflect the upgraded version of the plans.

In September 2010 Internode announced a new series of ‘T-shirt size’ Easy Broadband plans.

This post explains how the plans are structured and answers a few questions about the internals of how they work.

Please note that this is a technical Q&A blog post. You don’t need to understand this stuff to use and order the new plans.

Instead, if one of the new plans is of interest, then (when they’re orderable, in the week of 13-17th Sep 2010), just… order the one that suits your needs best!


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Inside Internode Easy Broadband Version 2

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 by

Internode has released a new version of Internode Easy Broadband (IEB) on April 28th 2010.

The (new) Internode Easy Broadband offer

  • A huge quota (50GB per month upload+download, plus unmetered downloads)
  • A fixed price ($49.95/month when bundled with Nodeline, or $59.95/month standalone)
  • Fast ADSL2+/ADSL1 speeds in more than 550 exchanges and high speed 1500/256 connections everywhere else

When you select this plan, Internode does all the hard stuff, and you get a great service.

The intention of this post is to provide the deeper details behind all of this, for those who find those things interesting. (There are a fair few acronyms in this post; so our industry acronym glossary may be of assistance)