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Inside Internode Easy Broadband Version 2

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 by

Internode has released a new version of Internode Easy Broadband (IEB) on April 28th 2010.

The (new) Internode Easy Broadband offer

  • A huge quota (50GB per month upload+download, plus unmetered downloads)
  • A fixed price ($49.95/month when bundled with Nodeline, or $59.95/month standalone)
  • Fast ADSL2+/ADSL1 speeds in more than 550 exchanges and high speed 1500/256 connections everywhere else

When you select this plan, Internode does all the hard stuff, and you get a great service.

The intention of this post is to provide the deeper details behind all of this, for those who find those things interesting. (There are a fair few acronyms in this post; so our industry acronym glossary may be of assistance)