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Optimising ADSL2+ service performance

Sunday, November 29th, 2009 by

Australia is a country in which “full-rate” ADSL2+ services are popular. This is less common in other countries than you might expect. This post goes into the factors that can impact ADSL2+ performance in some detail. As a result, its fairly long!

But: If your ADSL2+ service isn’t working well for you, if you’re not sure if its working as fast as it can, or if you just want to see whether you can make your service work a bit quicker  – I hope you find this an article worth reading in its entirety. (more…)

What is Extreme SHDSL?

Friday, November 27th, 2009 by

You may have noticed our recent promotion of Internode Extreme SHDSL. This is a high bandwidth access service for our business and corporate customer base, who represent a very significant part of Internode’s success.

SHDSL is an awkward acronym for ‘Symmetrical High speed Digital Subscriber Line‘, and has been available for a number of years. However it’s recently enjoyed a quantum improvement in performance, with services now available at up to 40 Mbps symmetrical. Not surprisingly, this has earned it the name ‘Ethernet over Copper’. (more…)

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Getting the Dutch Solar Car Team

Friday, October 23rd, 2009 by

One of the great things about events like this is, of course, the people you meet.

Installing Mobile Wireless Broadband

Installing Mobile Wireless Broadband

Today we assisted the media staff for the Dutch Solar Car Team to install an Internode NodeMobile 3G Wireless Broadband service into one of their laptops.

As its very hot in Darwin (currently around 35-38 C and humid), we made sure that we kept our fluid levels up as we did this.

They will be the service to upload video of the progress of their team to their web site during the event.

We have brought a few more spare NodeMobile USB sticks in case other teams find them useful too.

We’ve found, on the way up to Darwin, that NodeMobile works really well in each of our overnighting points along the way (Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek, Alice Springs, Coober Pedy, Port Augusta).

Here in Darwin, its really exceeded expectations – it just rocks along!