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Remembering the world record distance drive in the Roadster

Friday, March 12th, 2010 by

We’ve just had a chance to put together a video clip that illustrates what the world record distance run in the Global Green Challenge (27th October 2009) looked like.

We were fortunate to have a great documentary film crew recording the whole event, and they provided us with footage to let us cut together our little ‘record distance’ story visually.

So… here it is:

Thanks again to the amazing team of people who made this experience possible.

Your efforts were above and beyond.

It’s a long way…

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 by

We’re nearly at the end of our run, as we cross this wide, brown land from top to bottom. It’s been an adventure – and we’ve seen more than a few spectacular sights.

Wildlife was everywhere, and we saw eagles, hawks, kangaroos, wallabies, camels, snakes, cows and sheep wandering around the place. Unfortunately though, while I kept my eyes peeled, I didn’t quite manage to catch a glimpse of any drop bears (but I did hear rumours of hoop snakes just before we hit Tennant Creek – they’re those ones that bite their tails and then roll along the road like a hoop!).

The Global Green Challenge route goes through a seriously huge stretch of land, all the way from Darwin to Adelaide. The official route goes through cattle stations, Defense Force prohibited land (near Woomera), and a number of prescribed areas where alcohol and pornography are not allowed (many people spend the rest of the trip wondering what exactly they do for fun in those areas!).

Seriously though, over the past few days, we’ve driven over, through and past the traditional ancestral lands of many people, including several sacred sites and other important locations.

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge (and thank) those indigenous people for allowing us to use their land for this challenge.

The following Ananju / Nunga countries are traversed by the Global Green Challenge:

Northern Territory

  • Larrakia
  • Warai
  • Kungarakany
  • Wagiman
  • Jawoyn
  • Yangman
  • Mudburra
  • Jingili
  • Warlmanpa
  • Warrumungu
  • Kaytej
  • Anmatyerre
  • Arrente

South Australia

  • Luritja
  • Pitjantjatjara
  • Antakarinja
  • Arabunna
  • Kokatha
  • Barngala
  • Nukunu
  • Ngadjuri
  • Narrungga
  • Kaurna
The Roadster at Devils Marbles, NT

– Jessica Citizen

One day down…

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 by

They write rock songs about this, don’t they?
Cruising down a highway, blue skies, checking out the sights with a smile on your face.
Maybe there’s a sports car involved – red, of course!

As good a reason to stop as any!

I don’t think they write them quite like this, though. It’s the Global Green Challenge version, which includes a detailed verse about how your cruising vehicle is actually an 8-ton truck carrying a generator, and the sports car is the world’s fastest all-electric vehicle.

That said though, there’s plenty that’s the same. The sights are still amazing and the smiles are definitely real (and only get bigger as the Roadster overtakes the Kia, the Hyundai and both the Ford and Holden entries!).

The Roadster overtaking the postie bike being run on alcohol fuel
(The Roadster overtaking the postie bike being run on alcohol fuel)

We’ve just arrived in Katherine after a relatively easy drive from Darwin. Compared to some of the distances we’re expected to cover over the next few days, the 350-odd kilometres today is nothing! It was a great way to get started on the Challenge though, with both Emilis and Simon getting used to the feel of the vehicle and sorting out exactly what it’s capable of. And again, watching the car in action, we were reminded of one thing this car is definitely capable of: drawing a crowd. Cars on the highway were slowing down as they passed, waving, flashing cameras and even hanging out of the windows at one point!

Once we settle down a bit, we’ll fill you in on all the important details of the trip (the crew are off recharging the Roadster at the moment), but for now I can let you know that yes, we did manage this trip with just one charge and a quick stop for cool drinks at about halfway. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, with a few radio issues needing to be sorted out and – wait for it – the charger for the car blowing a fuse while we were still at the racetrack… but if it was all running to plan, where’s the fun in that? Seriously though, we’ve got a great crew on hand who were able to get all the vehicles to the starting line (and more importantly, the finish) in good shape.

– Jessica Citizen