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Customer Security – The Network Firewall

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 by

Hi, I’m Derek, Internode’s Security Manager.

My role is to be the classic black hatter… you know, the “what if” bloke.  So I get to hunt down and fix any risks or weaknesses that are inherent in any large professional IT shop.  A really important part of my job is that I also get to think about the security risks facing Internode’s customers as well as the company,  and I am a vocal advocate of safe computing…  I get to fix my parent’s PC too.  <sigh> :)

So, onto Internode’s new and improved Network Firewall.  Last week was a pretty good week for me, the improved Network Firewall was announced to our customers, at the same time we also released a new Customer Security support page where we will be putting up information about key security issues and concerns in the near future.